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C4 - Cottage Cove Youth              Vine Hill

"C4" is a casual program for teens in the Cottage Cove Vine Hill neighborhood, whether or not they have come up through our regular Cottage Cove program.  Regularly includes fun, food, fellowship and Bible Study.

Basketball Bonus

During the school year, while Super Tuesday is happening, it is open court night at the Cottage Cove basketball court.  This is available to all teens participating in C4 or eligible to participate in C4.  From 6 to 7 pm.

Who: Open on a drop-in basis to all teens grades 7 through 12. Those who have graduated from grade 6 are eligible to start attending C4 in the summer prior to starting Grade 7.

When: Normally the second Thursday evening of each month, beginning at 6:30 pm. It’s best to always check because changes occur for various reasons and for special events including “lock-ins.”

Cost: There is no charge for the regular C4 program at Cottage Cove. With notice, occasional field trips may have optional activities that could incur a modest cost.

C4 - Cottage Cove Facility Rules

Cottage Cove believes it is important for youth to learn that there are consequences for violations of rules and authority systems. For this reason we utilize a three tier system for teen participants...

C4 Laser Tag Field Trip

C4 at Cottage Cove Vine Hill