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Cottage Cove Christmas Store

Providing Christmas for all of the children in your family from infant to teenager.  Vine Hill & Madison Families

Date to Remember

This year’s Christmas Store is on

December 9, 2017

The store opens at 8:30 a.m.  One day only! All shopping times are assigned.  If you cannot make your time, please call.  You will be able to come later but never earlier.


The Cottage Cove Christmas store is a once-a-year event specially designed to help enable parents to provide a wonderful Christmas for their family.  Imagine a store that has everything from bicycles and electronics to winter coats and board games.  There’s even free gift wrapping too!  Plus we have a host of friendly people that will help carry items for you, serve you food items, sweets, and beverages while you wait or shop.   

Please note that the Christmas Store is by our invitation only.  It is open to the parents of children in Cottage Cove programs and other selected families from the communities within Nashville that we serve.  All shoppers planning to participate must have rsvp’d in advance and have been assigned a shopping time.

Scenes from past Christmas Stores

Shopping for a bicycle with helmet

Some of our amazing selection

Shopping for a winter coat

Shopping for a Digital Piano

Shopping for a sewing machine

Lots more selection!

Parents Shopping

No huge crowds,

 limited numbers shopping at any time!

Cottage Cove does not accept self-initiated requests from uninvited families. This store is primarily for the families, schools, and communities we serve as part of our regular programs.

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