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Daily Program     Vine Hill & Madison

Teach a child to read,

and they own the world.

Three Key Principles

Educational Instruction • Spiritual Guidance • Unconditional Love

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We believe that too many of the children in our urban neighborhoods are locked out of some basic opportunities made available to others in our society. We further believe it is our collective responsibility to come to the assistance of these valuable “little ones” by offering them the keys to unlock their potential. To that end, Cottage Cove teaches children how to break free of their circumstances and aids them in pursuit of excellence.

Many children learn how to “survive.” If our life goal is survival, we become “takers.” Our aim is to teach children how to succeed. Success transfers focus from immediate needs to planning the future, so that life needs are not life threatening. In pursuit of this, Cottage Cove’s primary activity is an after-school program with an expanded program during the summer and many school breaks. This program is offered free of charge, by full scholarship, to children living in our “at-risk” neighborhoods of Nashville.

All children receive help with their homework and general educational instruction, plus opportunities to develop life skills and acquire a passion for music and the arts. Bible lessons are provided, in which children are taught good character traits and valuable life lessons so they may develop a life of integrity and honor. Most importantly, the children are taught that love is not based upon performance but rather as a result of who they are — God’s children.

Keys to Success & Growth

Homework Help •  Tutoring • Reading • Music  • Bible Study • Cooking • Art • Photography • Gymnastics • Jewelry  Making • Crafts • Structured & Supervised Recreation • Science • Memorization • Woodworking • Computers • Sewing • Public Speaking • Guitar • Piano • Voice •  Singing • Gardening • Percussion • Playground • Field Trips • Reward Store •  Discipline Structure

Cottage Cove Program Rules

We believe it is important for the children to learn that there are consequences for violations of rules and authority systems. For this reason we utilize a three tier discipline system...

Bible Verse Memorization

Believing that children will rise to a challenge, our program encourages children (using rewards) to memorize Scriptures in their free time. This is not just "memorizing to have heard" but rather it is memorizing to remember. To have the twelfth verse heard on a sheet the child must be able to recite in any order the eleven verses before it. A majority of the children in our program memorize multiple verses, with many reaching dozens! Our first four memory verse sheets are linked below for easy access at home…

Memory Sheet 1 Memory Sheet 2 Memory Sheet 3 Memory Sheet 4

Our mission is to provide educational opportunities and training in the arts

through the power and in the name of Jesus Christ.

The alternative is,

the world owns them.

Extra homework help (left)

Our rock climbing wall (right)

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Vine Hill

Homework Help Details

Statement of Changes to Homework Help

Keeping our homework in line with new educational standards…

Details on our rules, reward and discipline

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Earned Field Trips

Through their effort in daily school homework, extra homework, and reading, students may earn the privilege of being invited to be a part of one of our periodic field trips.  

Students from Vine Hill and Madison Canoeing the Buffalo River

Students from Vine Hill and Madison experiencing flying in a light plane and visiting an airport.

Program Covenant For Students Grade 4 and up